WSES Transportation

Pick up and drop off procedures for our school

Student Drop Off / School Traffic Pattern / Riding Bikes to School

When dropping off children or parking along Greeley Boulevard please do not park within 10 feet of a residential driveway, within 30 feet of a stop sign or within 20 feet of the intersection or crosswalk* (*All are Fairfax County parking restrictions). Drivers should respect "no parking" and "handicap parking" areas. Emergency vehicles must always have access to the school. REMEMBER: It is unlawful to pass a school bus, even in the parking lot or driveway, if its lights are blinking, or if it is loading or unlading children.

The front of the school is reserved for bus traffic and emergency vehicles only from 8:20-8:50 am. For safety reasons, cars may not enter the parking lot during that time. Parking is available along Greeley Boulevard and Deland Drive. The speed limit on the school grounds is 5 mph and seat belts or booster seats are required for all passengers.

Students in grades three through six are eligible to ride bikes to and from school by themselves. If a parent gives permission for their child to ride a bike to and from West Springfield and is not yet in third grade, the parent must accompany their child. Permission forms must be submitted to the school.  Contact the Main Office for permission forms.

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