Dr. Sheers Recognized as the FCPS 2022 Region 4 Outstanding Principal

Ms. Houghton, Ms. Boasiako, Ms. O'Connor, Ms. Hibner, and Ms. Feil Also Recognized at FCPS Honors!

By Department of Human Resources
June 08, 2022

kelly sheersCongratulations to Dr. Kelly Sheers who was recognized as the FCPS 2022 Region 4 Outstanding Principal and one of the five finalists for the FCPS Outstanding Principal at this year's FCPS Honors event, held at George Mason University Center for the Arts on June 8th.

Kelly is described as the heartbeat of her school. She fosters a community of parents, educators, and staff that is inclusive and collaborative, promotes equity, and shares common values and high standards for all students. Kelly engages parents, teachers, staff, and students and nurtures a robust dialogue. Kelly creates a welcoming and culturally responsive environment for staff, students and families, and strives to provide a high-quality education for all. She empowers teachers to make informed decisions and supports an inclusive environment with opportunities for risk-taking. Under Kelly’s leadership, West Springfield Elementary School has developed a STEAM Lab, implemented Problem-Based Learning, received the Virginia Purple Star Recognition, and is the FCPS U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon Nominee for 2021.

Congratulations also to our other staff members recognized at FCPS Honors!

Outstanding Elementary New Teacher School-level Recipient

  • Amanda Houghton, Second Grade Teacher

Outstanding School-Based Operational Employee School-level Recipient

  • Comfort Boasiako, Public Health Attendant

Outstanding School-Based Professional Employee School-level Recipient

  • Kimberly O'Connor, School Counselor

Outstanding School-Based Leader School-level Recipient

  • Patty Hibner, Assistant Principal

Outstanding Elementary Teacher School-level Recipient

  • Julia Feil, Preschool Teacher

Thank you to Deborah Phillips for all of her hard work with the nomination process by serving as this year's awards liaison!