Dr. Kelly Sheers is Region 4 Principal of the Year!

By Debbie Phillips
February 01, 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Kelly Sheers who was awarded Outstanding Principal for Region 4 on Monday, January 31. Region 4 Superintendent Penny Gros along with Executive Principal Dave Jagels surprised Dr. Sheers with the presentation of her official selection to represent the Region in the district-wide Outstanding Employee Awards process. 

Ms. Gros quoted staff’s description of Dr. Sheers as “the heartbeat of our school.”  Additionally, they describe her as the epitome of an effective leader through community building, empowering her teachers as leaders, creating collaborative and inclusive learning environments and setting an example as a life-long learner.  The community relationship fostered by Dr. Sheers allows WSES to be a school where families and their students know her door is always open.  Students are excited to celebrate milestones with her as well as share struggles. She stayed in touch with them during distance learning by visiting homes of families and recognizing birthdays with a special session of virtual Birthday Bingo each month.  

Dr. Sheers provides ample opportunities for communication, hosting virtual Office Hours as needed to disseminate information and answer questions from the community throughout the evolving pandemic. Before the pandemic, Dr. Sheers was a regular host of Coffee Talk and seamlessly moved between In Person and Virtual meetings so the community didn’t miss a chance to see and hear from her.  She also promptly conveys information to staff and seeks out programs to enhance professional development and the classroom environment for all students.  Dr. Sheers can also be found on television, appearing in local news and even national news spots, as well as print media and a podcast. 

We anxiously await the outcome of the district’s decision for Outstanding Principal of the Year and wish Dr. Sheers the very best of luck.  Fortunately for WSES, with Dr. Sheers at the helm, our community is the big winner!